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The Viet Nam War through Red Lenses - By Phillip Jennings


The Asian-American dream and the Republican Party - By Michelle Mai Selesky


Veterans Day 2011 - By Hoi Tran


Battle On Shangganling Mountain - By John Hayward


Why Vietnam Truth Matters - By Phillip Jennings


Oh, Come On, Were The Commies Really That Bad? - By Phillip Jennings


Religious Freedom Lost on Vietnam - By Michael Benge


America Must Drill For Oil At Home - by John E. Carey


Consequences of Speedy Withdrawal From Iraq? - by John E. Carey


Television Power and The Vietnam War - by Erin McLaughlin


Time for Vietnamese to Be Heard on VN War - by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh


China and Vietnam: U.S. Priorities - by John E. Carey


Lessons From Burma for Viet Nam - by Sidney Tran


White Flag over Congress? - by Michael Benge


A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam. - by Peter Brimelow


The View From the Deck Plate: "Support Our Troops" - by Jeff Edwards




Is there a doctor in the house? - by Bruce N. Kesler


The View From the Deck Plate: Reality Check - by Jeff Edwards


China, Vietnam and Russia: Torrid Economies, Rampant Lawlessness - by John E. Carey


China: Reversing 1,000 Year Corruption Legacy - By John E. Carey


Dog Rights in America versus Human Rights in Vietnam - by Hoi B. Tran


“Pet Prowess” in America; Michael Vick To Coach at University of Beijing - By John E. Carey


Presidential Myopia: Leaders in Vietnam and China Only See What They Want To See - By John E. Carey


A Fair media is Casualty of War by Gordon Dillow - by Gordon Dillow


Questions about America - by Don Bendell


Proud to be an American - by John E. Carey


Hanoi Plays America for a Sucker - by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh


Big Lie Lives in Vietnam - by Mike Benge


Go get a life: or My Butterfly's dream - by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh


How Governments Punish Their Detractors  - by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh


Requiescat In Pace - by Pham Hau


Thank You Fort Hood - by Nhat Tuan


Mark Moyar, Historian of Vietnam, Finds Academe Hostile To a Hawk - by Gary Shapiro


The Quality of Justice - by Sidney Tran


Comment from a twenty-year old Vietnamese abroad - by Ngoc Lan  


Military Withdrawals Are the Worst Foreign Policy - by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh  


NYT's Focus on Less Than 1% Serving in Military - by Bruce Kesler  


Political Correctness Equals Doom!!! - by David A. Bond, Col, USAF (Ret)  


The U.S. Air Force: Use It In Iraq - And Keep It Ready - by Gerald J. Hickman, Col, USAF (Ret)  


The Chaplain's Corner... - by Chaplain John L. Kallerson  


Don Bendell Spanks Paul Whitefield for his Op-Ed  


Hi Thai Anh  


A Trip Back in Time - by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh  


Is The War Against Terror Really a War For Democracy ? - by John E. Carey  


War Against Terror is Personal - by John E. Carey  


To Kill an American  


9/11, For Our Children - by Bruce Kesler  


Remember, Just Five Year Ago. . . 9/11 - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt (Ret.)


First Vietnamese-American to Serve as a Military Advisor to the New Iraqi Army- by Tommy Nero  


Vietnam, Long Tan and all that - by Key Gillett  


Give No Quarter: Ask No Quarter - by Don Bendell  


Stories from Iraq - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt (Ret.)


Where Is The Spirit of Citizenship ? - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt (Ret.) 


Who is responsible for deaths of innocent ? - by Bruce Kesler 


Why do we ignore the Vietnamese people's plight ? - by Bruce Kesler 


Vietnam, Iraq, Israel: Moral Bearings - by Bruce Kesler 


Notes on Freedom of Speech- by Prem Panicker 


'Mama' Ready To Deploy Like Her Children - by Sgt. Eliamar Trapp 


United Nations  


. . . At the Crossroads - by John E. Carey 


Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum - by Sidney Tran 


Keeping Resolve in Iraq: The Real Lesson From Vietnam  - by John E. Carey 


Commanding General, MCI West speech to the MAAC  


Letter From a Naval Aviator  


Life is Not for the Faint Hearted. It Takes Courage and It Takes Bravery - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt ( Ret.)


Darrell Scott's Testimony: House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee  


Risks and Opportunities of a Rising China - by Larry M. Wortzel, Ph.D.


How The USA Patriot Act Defends Democracy- by Viet D. Dinh


General Hayden, Invest in the Arms Trade- by Dr. J. Peter Pham


Hitchens, Haditha, and My Lai- by Paul McNellis


Open letter to Pres. George W. Bush from Human Rights and Fair Trade Advocates  


A Reflection on Memorial Day- by Sidney R. Tran


Memorial Day Message - by Hoi B.Tran


Vietnamese Communism: A Blight Upon Humanity - by Sidney R. Tran 


Duty to Remember - by Lt.Col. Nguyen Gia Tien, MD.


The Rise of China Will Not Be Peaceful at All - by John Mearsheimer 


Call of Conscience. It's Urgent !!!  


A Review of the "Journey from The Fall" - by Sidney R. Tran


The Border Dilemma - by Don Bendell 


The Legal Debate is Over: Terrorism is a War Crime - by Michael Lind 

Reprint with permission of Michael Lind, Whitehead Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation


Protecting Our Heroes - by Don Bendell 


Think about this:  


America is Supposed To Be About Heroes - by Don Bendell 


Thought each of you might be interested in this article ... - by Rush Limbaugh 


Guest Opinion: The Testosterone Vacuum - by Don Bendell   


No, Freedom is not Free    


Pictures of Iraq nobody ever sees    


Guest Opinion: The Majority Rules... Not - by Don Bendell   


Guest Opinion: This Ain't About Oil: It's About Our Survival - by Don Bendell   


War Stories – Remember When?  - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt


What are we fighting for ?by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt


Take Care of the Kids - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt


Where were you on September 11th ?  - by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt


We Must Go After Them and Eliminate Them - by James Webb 


Pray for our Soldiers . . .


Before You Go - by John Melnick & Sam Bierstock


America Needs to Wake Up - usawakeup.org 


Irony Of War - by Major H. Luu  


Peril in Iraq:  A Vietnam parallel - by Stuart A. Herrington, Col. US Army (Ret)


Tribute To The Fallen - by Major H.Luu  


Freedom and Moral Responsibility - by Hoi B. Tran


Iraq Deployment Experience - by Major H.Luu 


Letter from Iraq - by Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert, US Marine Corps  - USS SAIPAN, PERSIAN GULF


Nice tribute to our fighting men and women


Incredible Analogy - by Hoi B. Tran





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