Vietnamese-American Army Captain Builds Military Base in Iraq  


Beauty of a Lost Land  


Two Years in Iraq and Honored as a General  


Echo Of Sacrifices - Y Yen  


For My Parents' Generation - Sidney Tran  


Vietnamese Americans Continue to Contribute to Society  


Interview - Y Yen  


Administrator's Note     


A Sense of Duty - My Father, My American Journey - Quang X.Pham


The Saga of a Vietnamese Immigrant - Robert C.Trando


Vietnamese American: The Best Outcome of Vietnam War - Nguyen Y Duc, M.D.


Politics or Generation Gap?


Stopping an 'Epidemic' -- Vietnamese Priest Reaches Out to Sex Trafficking Victims - Andrew Lam 


In the World of Human Trafficking, Vietnam Remains a 'Supply Country' - Andrew Lam  


Vietnamese Americans give back - Richard Halloran 


VCP(1): 'Mandate of Heaven' or 'Mandate of Hell'?  - Nguyen-Khoa Thai Anh


From Refugees to Americans - Alicia Campi, Ph.D.


Grandpa, Grandson - Huy Quang Vu Duc Vinh


The start of Changes - Robert C. Trando


Being American - Robert C. Trando


The Vietnam War Remembered  - Pacific News Service, Andrew Lam


Bomb Lady: Vietnamese American Makes Tools for War on Terror  - Pacific News Service, Andrew Lam


An Officer & a Caring Citizen - Hoi B. Tran








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