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38th Anniversary of Black April

38thAnniversary of Black April Hoi B. Tran In his book titled “No MoreViet ” published in 1985 President Richard M. Nixoncommented: “No eventin American history is more misunderstood than the Vietnam War. It wasmisreported then, and it is misremembered now. Rarely have so many people beenso wrong about so much. Never have the consequences of […]


FORYOUNGER GENERATION: THEMEANING OF BLACK APRIL 30   With the coming of April 30,I’d first like to remind the younger generation, born after 1975, of oneimportant issue many of you still dont realize: The National Mourning Day ofApril 30 is a sad day because on that day, we, the South Vietnamese, lost ourcountry into the […]

Vietnam Sucker-Punches the US on Human Rightsand Religious Freedom

Vietnam Sucker-Punches the on Human Rights andReligious Freedom by Michael Benge – April 27, 2013 For years, the AmericanEmbassy, the State Department, and the Senate have enabled communist Vietnam, ignoring the regime’s abuses of religious freedom andhuman rights to allow it privileged access to and international investments, markets, and donoraid. Now, Vietnam has sucker punched […]


HAUNTING MEMORIES OFBRAVE COMRADES By J. StrykerMeyer When I die, if the Lordgives me a moment to reflect before I breathe my last breath, my first thoughtswill be not of my loved ones, nor my children. I’ll reflect on and thank God for , , Phuoc, Tuan, Hung, Son, Quang, , and . Captains Tuong […]

Wounded U.S. Army Captain Goes to War Zone in Afghanistan

Wounded U.S. Army CaptainGoes to War Zone in Afghanistan Why would an already wounded soldierreturn to the War Zone? Captain James Van Thach, aVietnamese American law graduate of Touro Law Center,retired from the United States Army in March 2009, decided it was time toreturn to a war zone on Operation Proper Exit, a program sponsored […]