In the long history of Vietnam,the momentous event of April 1975 was indisputably unprecedented.Throughout its four thousand year history, Vietnamese never fled theirmother land in such huge number.Theinherently stoic Vietnamese would persevere against most hardships and/ornatural disasters only to remain around their birth place with their family.But the fear of communism in April 1975 had forced hundreds of thousandsof Vietnamese to abandon their homeland, their relatives and their lifetimesavings to avoid the barbarous, tyrannical regime coming from the North.

Thirty years have passed and themajority of adult Vietnamese who came to America in 1975 are now seniorcitizens.Their children, some camehere when they were very young, some were born in America, many have becomeproductive American citizens. This new generation of young Vietnamese has beencontributing enormously to our society in so many different fields includingshedding blood on the battlefields thousand of miles away to defend what theytreasure most: Freedom.

If these young VietnameseAmericans were left behind in Vietnam thirty years ago, they would have facedvengeance, would have been deprived of education. Of course, they could not have become what they are now inthis free society.Please click the links below to see how these young VietnameseAmericans have contributed to their new country, the United States of America.

Viet Dinh: GeorgetownLaw Professor. Former U.S. Assistant Attorney General and Chief Architect of theUSA Patriot Act.

Loan Duy Le:First woman and one of the youngest individuals in TI’s 75-yearhistory to be nominated and elected to the rank of TI Senior Fellow in 2002.Inducted to Hall of Fame at WITI.

Jane Luu:Jane co-discovered the first known Kuiperbelt object, (15760)1992 QB1, with DavidC. Jewitt. She was awarded the AnnieJ. Cannon Award in Astronomy in .The asteroid5430Luu is named in her honor.

Eugene Trinh:1988 – 1992 Project Scientist, Space Shuttle Payload SpecialistAstronaut. Director, Microgravity Research Division NASA Headquarters.

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