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Vivianna is a grand daughterof T. Nguyen, a former Vietnamese Air Force fighterpilot emigrated to America in 1991 as a refugeeafter being incarcerated in Communist re-education camp for 10 torturous yearsViviannawas born in the and has absolutely noknowledge of the war her grand father had fought in the early nineteen sixtiesWhen she listenedto the song Bonjour Vietnam (Hello Vietnam), she was inspiredand wrote a poem “Beauty of a ” below.

Viviannais a 6th grader atArthur RANN, GallowayI am proud of her poetical skill and would like to share “Beautyof a ” to my readers.

Beauty of a Lost Land




In a world scarred with violenceand hate,

I lost my beloved, beautiful land,

That was being played by the cruelhands of fate,

Where everything I knew was turnedupside down in their hands.

My eyes have been opened,

Yet I can never forget,

The time the scars have deepened,

When my land was no longer quiet.

I want to know your soul,

The beauty of my Vietnam

Before the war that stole,

All those lives, both Vietnameseand American.

The helicopters roared,

As the ground went slick withblood.

Airplanes soared,

While gunshots filled the air likea flood.

Many have fled,

As the communists took over,

And many tears have been shed,

As we lost the land we lovedforever.

Now it’s in a peaceful state,

However the scars still remain,

Never again will everything bestraight,

For the ground is still bloodstained.

In that time of war,

The hope never subsided,

But too many have fled too far,

Where the country divided.

I want to know why my hair isblack,

I want to know more then thewar-bitten stories that have been told,

I want to come back,

I want to know about the beauty inwhich it holds.

Let me know my origin,

Show me the secrets, and I willlearn,

The beauty before the war bit in.

And I promise you that I willreturn.

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