Highlighting the U.S. Asian Pacific AmericanHeritage month of May Vietnamese-American U.S. Army Captain James Van Thach was awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal forestablishing a base called Combat Outpost Shocker in Iraq.

New York City, NY (PRWEB)May 1, 2010 — Over the past few years I have had the privilege of interviewingVietnamese-American United States Army Captain James Van Thach,a Law School graduate from Touro Law Center. He hadthe option to be admitted to a state bar and apply to join the Judge AdvocateGeneral Corp (JAG) as an Attorney in the U.S. Army but chose to become anInfantry officer and volunteered to serve in Iraqas a Military Advisor to the Iraqi Army. His actions led to him being woundedtwice during his first year, but he decided to remain in Iraqfor an additional year, on modified duty.

He was reassigned to Iraq Assistance Group (IAG) J-4 and wasappointed as the Officer in Charge (OIC) of Supply and Services. He worked onprojects that improved the capabilities of Military Advisors in order for themto assist in accelerating the transition of security to the Iraqi SecurityForces (ISF).

Captain James Van Thach’s work onnumerous projects that significantly improved the capabilities of the IraqiSecurity Forces led him to be selected as the only foreign Officer in Iraq tobe awarded the Honorary Iraqi Army rank of Staff Brigadier General on April 15,2008, by Staff Brigadier General Special Forces NassirAhmad Ghanim Al-Ogali, the BrigadeCommander of 3rd Brigade 6th Division Iraqi Army.

”Captain James Van Thach wasdesignated a tremendous task: to spearhead a project of building aforward-operations base in Iraqjust a few kilometers from the border with Iran.”It was aimed at improving border security and is part of a broader U.S.effort to stop alleged Iranian support for Iraqi insurgents. The base would behome to U.S.soldiers and Coalition soldiers and provide direct logistical support tosoldiers who patrol the border including the equipment needed for a militaryradio-communications network and surveillance equipment at the outpost.Eventually this will allow border guards to intercept the communications ofweapons smugglers.

On November 25, 2007, Captain James Van Thachwas awarded the Joint Service Achievement Medal (JSAM) by Brigadier GeneralJames C. Yarbrough for his work in establishing the preparation and completionof a United States military base named Combat Outpost Shocker in eastern Iraqon the border facing Iran to assist US Military Advisors working with theirIraqi counterparts to advise them in maintaining, protecting their bordercheckpoint and combating against infiltration from smuggling and terroristactivities from Iran.

His Joint Service Achievement Medal citation reads:

Captain James Van Thach, UnitedStates Army, distinguished himself by meritorious achievement as the J4Contracting Officer, Iraq Assistance Group, Multi-National Corps-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq, from 8 August to 15 November 2007 during OperationIraqi Freedom . Industrious, energetic, andmeticulous, Captain Thach is an exceptional organizerand leader. In support of the Commanding General, Multi-National Corps Iraq(MNCI) intent of forward basing Department of Borders Enforcement (DBE)Transition Teams, Captain Thach spear-headedthe construction of a new Life Support Area (LSA) in support of the Point ofEntry (POE) at the Zurbatiyah border crossing. Heassembled an impressive 33 page, $6.8 million Joint Facilities UtilizationBoard package and successfully pushed the project through all the hurdles, fromthe development of a detailed Statement of Work, legal reviews, Request forQuotations, site visits, funding, and final contracting. After the contract wasawarded, he monitored the construction progress and made contract modificationsand requested additional funding of $1.1 million for expansion of the LSA andadditional security requirements. After completion of the contacting cycle, heimmediately initiated a Joint Acquisition Review Board (JARB) package toprovide Operations & Maintenance services for the newly commissioned LSA,which included all the basic life requirements to enhanced moral requirements.Again, Captain Thach worked the JARB package throughall hurdles to gain final approval. His efforts resulted in the successfulopening of a new LSA which will enable the DBE Transition Teams to work andadvise closely with their Iraqi counterparts and thereby ensuring the 3rdRegion DBE will reach TRA 2 more expeditiously. Captain Thach’soutstanding efforts single-handedly increased the Transition Team’s ability toassist the DBE at the POE and along the border overall and greatly enhancedtheir ability to interdict accelerants moving throughout this area. Through hisaccomplishments, Captain James Van Thach reflectedcredit upon himself, the Multi-National Corps-Iraq, the United States Army, andthe Department of Defense.

General David Petraeus & Captain James Van ThachGeneral David Petraeus &Captain James Van Thach

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