( In memory of our brave Firefighters

of the Eleventh of September, 2001)

 Y- Y E N

They faced dangers

Simply like skiing.

Fires blazed and smoke blurred

That mourning morning.

They rushed into the malls

Racing toward the moans,

Striving hard to reach

Where there arose SOS calls.

Firefighters! Firefighters! Forward!

No time be lost

The command came from your hearts:

Advance ! at any cost.

Where are your lovers?

Your dear families?

“They are caught in the centers;

Americans all are our lovers.”

No true  love without sacrifices;

Nothing equals voluntary deaths.

Firefighters forgot their own lives

Leaving their fates inside.

There are devils;

But also there are angels

Venturing into the ground zero

Never thought of themselves:  Heroes.

God, open your arms

To receive your sons, our firemen.

Americans, have room in your hearts,

And light a candle.  Amen.

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