Two Years in and Honored as aGeneral

Highlighting the upcoming Asian Pacific American Heritage month of May Vietnamese-AmericanU.S. Army Captain James Van Thach presented HonoraryIraqi Army rank of Staff Brigadier General

New York City (PRWEB) April 15, 2008 — In July2006, I highlighted a story about the first Vietnamese-American MilitaryAdvisor to the Iraqi Army Captain James Van Thach.Earlier this month, I was able to view a prestigious occasion where StaffBrigadier General Special Forces Nassir Ahmad Ghanim Al-Ogali the BrigadeCommander of 3rd Brigade 6th Division Iraqi Army presented an Honorary IraqiArmy rank of Staff Brigadier General to James Van Thach.

Brigadier General Nassir al- and Captain James Van Thach

Great accomplishments have been made in and depending on you listen to, youwould hear the direct opposite. The challenges that we must put to each otheris to find out what is the word from fellow Iraqis that are on the ground inthe fight against internal and external enemies so that they can secure andprotect their nation of Iraq.

General Nassir al-is that man that represents his Brigade and he is proud of his unit’s tenacityand experience that has set the standard of fellow Iraqi Army units throughout

He stated “Great work is being done by military advisors that provide the expertise and continuitynecessary to truly accelerate the Iraqi Army (IA) capabilities to accept thetransfer of security responsibilities for . One such man has dedicated two years of service under extremecircumstances and I am honored to thank him for his service on behalf of the Republic

The citation reads:

Praise to Allah on this glorious day of 1 April 2008, in ourcountry of the Republic of Iraq, I am very honored to bestow the Honorary IraqiArmy Rank of Staff Brigadier General to James Van Thach.

United States Army Captain James Van Thachvolunteered in April 2006, to come to the Republic in the capacityas a Military Advisor. For one year he worked as an S-3 Advisor at 1stBattalion and 3rd Battalion, 3rd Brigade 6th Iraqi Army Division. He advised,mentored, assisted in developing training plans with his Iraqi Army counterparts and provided Coalition support on numerousmissions in our battlespace. While conducting hisadvisory role he was injured twice by enemy contact and Allah has spared hislife.

He still chose to remain in to assist our nation in providing security to protect our citizensagainst Al Qaeda and criminals.

He completed his one year tour inFebruary 2007, but he decided to volunteer for an additional year in thecapacity to assist our nation.

He was reassigned to Iraq Assistance Group Headquarters and workedon Brigadier General Pittard and Brigadier GeneralYarbrough’s staff as a Supply and Service Officer and supported the -National Force ‘s intent to execute the Baghdad Security Plan. He spearheaded theconstruction of 12 Traffic Control Points between SamarraBaghdad

He generated a Video Telephone Conference communication contractto outfit each Iraqi Army Divisions Headquarters, Operation Centers Ground Forces Command and the Ministry of Defense with a networkthat improved the security of our military operations through securedcommunications.

After now serving two years it is time for our brother James Van Thach to depart back to the United States, may Allah continue to protect him and his family with goodhealth and prosperity.

I commend his contributions to our nation and he is a great assetto the people of the Republic


Staff Brigadier General Special Forces NassirAhmad Ghanim Al-Ogali, 3rdBrigade 6th Division Iraqi Army, Commanding

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