What’s your name?

Iam River-and-Mountain,

ThePride, the Shame.

How old are you?

Iam as old as war

Oldas the bamboo afar.

You look very thin,

Dryness furrowing your skin,

What does it mean?

Iworked to the max,

Iate to the min.

Why do you want to leave Viet Nam

As pretty as dream?

Inever want to quit Viet Nam,

Butto flee the red regime.

What’s the trouble with the regime?

Idon’t fear lack of food,

ButI dislike synonyms:





Wherepeace is dim.

How do you think of the United States?

Oh,you are very fortunate

Inthe promising America.

Noone can hurt your Honor so far;

Youare rich in dollars!

Aaaah! And for all these,

You go there to live?

Notquite as such,

Ilike the United States so much

ForShe has given to mankind

Bravepioneers and science.

WhatI really want

Isto back to Viet Nam

Afterthe Red Tide,

Tothe Land where the brave GIs

hadcome on behalf of the dear names: Allies.

Y-YEN,penname of Phan Tan My,

Wrotebefore 1975 to some VN magazines

Twiceattended training at Fort Benning, Ga 31905.

FormerMajor, Battalion Commander/18th Infantry Division;

Foughtthe victorious Xuan Loc battle, April 1975.

Tenyears in the Communist prisons, North Viet Nam.

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