For The Record

Memorial Day 2018 – By Bob Anderson

CSIS Remarks – By Lewis Sorley

Viet Nam War Series Commentary – By Hoi B. Tran

Vietnam: How the Communist Grinches Stole Christmas – By Michael Benge

The Narrative


Embassy Statement on Dinh Nguyen Khaand Nguyen Phuong Uyen

38th Anniversary of Black April – By Hoi B. Tran


Vietnam Sucker-Punches the US on Human Rightsand Religious Freedom – By Michael Benge


Wounded U.S. Army Captain Goes to War Zone in Afghanistan

Statement on the Conviction of 14 Redemptorist Bloggers in Nghe An Province

Deliberate Distortions Still Obscure Understanding of the Viet Nam War – By Col. Harry G. Summers Jr

My Heartfelt Thanks to All Veterans and their families on Veterans Day 2012 – By Hoi B. Tran

Attitudes towards Veterans have changed for the better – By Matt Bunke

A Thank You to All Vietnam Vets

Statement by John Rowan, VVA National President On “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day”

A belated ‘thank you’ — it’s about time – By Alex McRae

Remarks at the Memorial Day Commemoration – By Lieutenant Colonel Julian Tran, U.S. Army

The Truth of the so-called “Big Spring Victory” – By Hoi B. Tran

Remembering on Memorial Day – By Bob Anderson

Welcome Home, Finally (Oliver North on Viet Nam)

Freedom Flag Day Speech at Ohio State Capitol – By Khanh Kim Pham

Wounded Vietnamese-American Soldier Receives Segway

Recognition for the veterans who fought and won the war is still MIA – By Phillip Jennings

Letter to our young Vietnamese-Americans – By Hieu Van Nguyen

Amnesty International Press Release

Will Faith Defeat Communism in Vietnam? – By Thomas Alton

An Open Letter to Anyone Who Served in Viet Nam – By Julie Weaver

HICKS: Some belated parental advice to protesters – By Marybeth Hicks

Heroes of the Vietnam Generation – By James Webb

The Two Vietnam Wars – By Jim Guirard

What Religious Freedom Means in Vietnam – By Michael Benge

Memorial Day 2011

Prager University: How the Vietnam War Was Won and Lost – By Dennis Prager

A Vietnamese Fighter Pilot in an American War – By Hoi B. Tran

BECAUSE IT IS RIGHT – By Capt. Dennis W. Lid

Vietnam Vets Should be Proud of Record – By T.L. Foster, A Vietnam Vet and Extremely Proud of It

Yes, Our Cause In Vietnam Was Noble – By T.L. Foster

Vietnamese Communists’ Fear Factor is Rising – By Michael Benge

From Ellsberg to Assange: The Pentagon Papers to WikiLeaks – By Phillip Jennings

Unicorns and Dragons, Myopic Views of Viet Nam – By Bill Laurie

Trip to Vietnam Revives Hatred of Communism – By Dennis Prager

As If It Were Yesterday – By Ken Delfino

Vietnam vets deserve real commemoration – By Phillip Jennings

ROBBINS: Vietnam vets betrayed again – By James Robbins

Younger Generation Paying Tribute To All Veterans – By Quang Nguyen

An Open Letter to the House Armed Services Committee – By Phillip Jennings

Vietnam’s Covert War Against Overseas Buddhists

An Open Letter to Secretary of Defense Gates – By Phillip Jennings

United States Border Security – GET IT OFF LIFE SUPPORT NOW!!! – By David A. Bond, Col, USAF (Ret)

A Rights Agenda for Vietnam

Rep. Loretta Sanchez Urges Secretary of State to Pressure Vietnam on Human Rights at Hanoi Policy Conference

Congressman Cao Rejects Vietnam’s Request for Help

LINH: Culture clash and communication failure – By Nguyen Ngoc Linh

35 years after fall of Saigon – By Richard Botkin

Thirty Five Years After The War, Betrayal is Vietnam’s Story – By Andrew Lam

SANDERS: Vietnam, in sadness but not in shame – By Sol Sanders

35th Anniversary of the 1975 Vietnamese Exodus

A POW Story

Navy Seals Final Tribute.

In Full Circle: Vietnam and Iraq – By Capt Bill Nguyen

Happy Birthday America

Wounded troops hit by foreclosure

Former NVA colonel speaks out on Black April Anniversary – By Bui Tin

To My Younger Generation: Grasp the Past to Pave the Future – By Hoi Ba Tran

Vietnam: Looking Back – At The Facts – By K. G. Sears, Ph.D.

The Persistence of Memory – By UWE SIEMON-NETTO

The Tet Offensive and the Media – By UWE SIEMON-NETTO

After 40 Year of the Tet Offensive in the Vietnam War: Half of The Truth Deciphered – by Former Judge Bai An Tran, Ph.D.

The Insidious Nature of Human Trafficking: Vietnam – by John Carey

Smith Blasts Vietnam Government for Failure to Release Pro-Democracy Activists

Veteran’s Day Message

Meet Bud Day – by John Carey

Pillows for Soldiers – Passing of a Generation

Vietnamese freedom heritage flag at MCC-Penn Valley

In Memory of All Innocent Victims of 9-11

Let’s break this ILLEGAL Immigration thing down  – by Bob Anderson, PhD, CMSgt USAFR (Ret)

War Casualty Lists and Statistics 

Foreign Affairs Committee Approves Smith Bill Promoting Human Rights Reform in Vietnam 

Vietnamese refugees, who they are and what they stand for by Tina Freeland 

Rep. Lofgren Deeply Concerned Over Treatment of Peaceful Protestors in Vietnam 

Vietnam’s War on Christian House Churches Continues 

Vietnamese police blamed for deaths of over 100 political protesters 

Vietnamese peasants protesting over land policy in Saigon 

European Parliament condemns crack-down on dissidents 

European Parliament resolution on Vietnam 

Responding To The SOS Call of Tien Giang by Tieng Van Tran 

God Bless the United States of America 

Rep. Mike Honda urges Pres. Bush to support Human Rights for VN 

Vietnamese Rights & Wrongs by Dr. Nguyen Dan Que

Vietnam and communism’s victims

President Bush Attends Dedication of Victims of Communism Memorial

Press Release regarding Nguyen Minh Triet’s trip to America

Father Nguyen Thanh testified before US Congress

Open Letter to President Bush and Vice President Cheney

Human Rights: Bush Takes a Tougher Standby John E. Carey

House Resolution 243

Rep. Chris Smith Statement

Memo to Hanoi by Reps. Chris Smith, Bart Stupak and Frank Wolf

Report on Human Rights in Vietnam

Letter from Rep. Frank Wolf to Sec.of State Condoleezza Rice

Two Different Wars, One Destructive Parallel by Hoi B. Tran

Center for VietNam Studiesby Dr. Nguyen Van Canh

VietNam: Getting Away With Murder by John E. Carey

Human Trafficking In Vietnam: An Update by John E. Carey

Your Invitation to Helpby Bob Anderson, PhD, CMSgt (Ret)

New Tools in Vietnam’s Opposition by K.Oanh Ha

A Tribute to My Grandfatherby Sidney Tran

Vietnam Prisoner Release Imperative by John E. Carey and Honglien

Freedom Of Speech by John E. Carey

Vietnam: Release Prisoners Before More Privileges by John E. Carey and Honglien

Five Years After 9/11 by John E. Carey

What’s Wrong With Vietnam ?by John E. Carey and Honglien

The Human Rights Situation In VietNamby Nguyen Thanh Trang

The Battle of Long Tan

The Dream of the Two Phansby Sidney Tran

Internet Filtering in Vietnam in 2005-2006

The Price of Freedom

Vietnam Currents by Hai V Tran: “Liberty-free Vietnam goes back to ‘1984.’by Hai V. Tran

The New Vietnam Myths: PNTR and WTOby Michael D. Benge

Amnesty International Testimony Human Rights in Vietnamby T.Kumar

Letters to Leaders

Accuracy in the Media – The Impact of Media in the Vietnam War

Freedom of Speech, The Internet and The Rights We All Hold Dearby John E. Carey

The Battle of the Flags by Sidney Tran

Freedom Loving Vietnamese Petition Secretary Of State Rice

Opposing View: Watch Human Rights Before Improving Trade with Vietnamby Honglien Do and John E. Carey

Vietnam’s New Leadershipby Honglien Do and John E. Carey

Beware of the North Windby Sidney Tran

50 Years On, Vietnamese Remember Land Reform Terrorby Radio Free Asia

Some VN War Issues Revisited: The Role Played by ARVNby Bich Ngoc Nguyen

Henry Kissinger: A shrewd diplomat and a perfidious ally

A Vietnam’s Gulag Story

50 Lawmakers back fledging democracy movement in Viet Nam

US Congress open letter to Vietnamese Citizens

Vietnam War: “It was their country. They deserve respect”by Dan Southerland

The Vietnam War: A History to be Rewrittenby Lt. Col. Tien Gia Nguyen, MD

RVNAF, 1968-1975 by Bill Laurie

Shameful Lies by Ronald N.Timberlake, Major, US.Army, Ret.

The Responsibility of Young Vietnamese Americans by Sidney Tran

Manifesto of Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam in 2006 by 118 Vietnamese fighters in Vietnam 

The Solzhenitsyn of Vietnam byMichael Lind

Reprint with permission of Michael Lind, Whitehead Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation

ThirtyOne Years and Counting byHoi B. Tran

Vietnamand the Media, from the archives of VietnamVeterans for Academic Reform by LeonardMagruder, President

Part1 of a 10-Part Series – Dan Rather Refuses to Debate the Issues

Part2 of a 10-Part Series – Thesuppression of the final report to the American people from the nation’slargest symposium on Vietnam at Stony Brook University, N.Y.

Part3 of a 10-Part Series – Howthe national media lied about the Tet Offensive

FormerDefense Secretary Melvin Laird broke his silence after 30 years

TheCommunists’ Tet Offensive & the Marines’ Counter Attack in February &May 1968 – Col. Hoang Tich Thong

OperationLam Son 719 in 1971  – Col. Hoang TichThong

Guest Opinion: We’reGoing To Win The War in Vietnam – DonBendell

LastFlight North – Ed (Mofak) Cathcart, Lt.Col. USMC (Ret)

The Suicides on April 30, 1975  

For the Marines and their Descendants– Col. Pham Van Chung

The Paris Agreement on Vietnam: Twenty-Five Years Later

Nguyen Minh Chau – Distinguished Vietnamese Comrade-in-Arms– William C. Haponski,Col. US Army (Ret.)

My War . . . VietnamColonel Thomas E. Campbell USMC ( Retired)

I Remember You– Yung Krall

Why We Fought & Why We Would Do it Again – James Webb

Heroic Allies – Harry F.Noyes III

Remembering VietNam – Lewis Sorley, Ph.D.

The Long Good-bye – Quang X. Pham

Two Days in October or 30 Years and Counting? – Nguyen-Khoa Thai Anh

VNAF and the Air War in North Vietnam – Hoi B. Tran

30th Years Remembrance – Richard Webster

Mc Namara Still Lost in “Fog of War – Andrew Lam

Realpolitik in the Vietnam War Hoi B. Tran

An Unfriendly Ally – Larry Mayes

Nasty! The Inside Story of Operations 34A . . . – Jack H.Jennings & Tran Do Cam

My Viet Nam experience – Colonel Larry Mayes, USAF (Retired)

The Noble Warrior: Rescue at Hill 845by Lieutenant Colonel Gregory J. Johnson, USMC (Ret)

A Day to Remember– Garry Adams

Flying in the “Fish Hook” -Colonel Larry Mayes, USAF (Retired)

One Small Step, on Moon or Mine – Garry Adams

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