Today, in America, minorities rule, power-brokers drool, the media acts “afool,” students run the school, and we have lost our cool. We will not showreplays of the jets slamming into the World Trade Centers, we won’t treatjihadist prisoners harshly, and our news media daily convinces us we are losinga war that has been a resounding success, but we; after all, are a much kinder,gentler America and do not want to traumatize our children, anger our enemies,or hurt our balance sheet. All right Usama and al-Zarqawi, stop chuckling.It’s not that funny. In fact, it really is sad.

Most Americans, a large majority, support our troops, but the minorityduring Vietnam learned how to easily manipulate the wimpy, willing, witless,wily news media, who; in turn, manipulated an innocent naïve public. Thenaysayers and media miscreants are following the same formula today.  Grownup spoiled rich kids, Jane Fonda and John Kerry both recently labeled our proudyoung patriotic fighting men and women in Iraq as “terrorists.” They want toturn today’s veterans into a re-creation of Vietnam Victims of America. HowardDean, the head of the Democratic party in this country, said we cannot win theWar in Iraq about one week before over 70% of Iraq turned out to vote in freeelections in a democracy, a democracy not named Israel in the mideast. Ofcourse, I think Howard was also the kid in our schools who stuck his tongue outat us while driving away after safely jumping in the car when mommy picked himup.

We, the majority, must think for our senseless neighbors. It is time tostand and be counted. In this country the majority is supposed to rule, but itcannot, if we do not have the gumption to stand firm against the minorityoppression of the majority. The ACLU, the Association of Corrupt LiberalUndesirables, be damned: if you are in the majority, do not be afraid to voiceyour opinion. When you hear idiocy coming from the mouths of the misinformed,please speak your mind. Our silence is the same as consent to stupidity.

There are several areas where the minority has manipulated the media, orthe media has manipulated the minority:

I am not a “European-American,” as I was born in Akron, Ohio, notEurope. I am white, like a saltine “cracker,” but I did not have to grow upblack, red, or yellow to abhor and despise racism. I have fought against it mywhole adult life, and my children got spanked if they even tried to bring racialjokes into our home.

           I am sickened by the Rev Jesse Jackson’s, Al Sharpton’s, and CharlesRangel’s in this country. Instead of telling black children how many of themcame from a race of mankind that survived some of the harshest jungles of theworld or the personal hell of slavery, these men tell black children that theyare victims, and they tell their moms and dads the same thing. They pooh-poohthe efforts of blacks who have worked hard and worked smart to rise to greatheights such as The Honorable Dr. Condi Rice, Dr. Bill Cosby, CORE head NigerEnnis, GEN Colin Powell, and even an outstanding NFL player Donavan McNabb. Dr.Cosby created a black TV family wherein the dad was a medical doctor and mom wasan attorney and the family was cool and normal. What an example of heroism forall kids, but especially minority kids, but have the Poverty Pimps praised hiscontribution to American society, and specifically, black society? No, becauseif they do they will start losing their power base and funding if black childrenreally do start realizing they can actually reach for the stars and ascend togreatness in this country.

           Besides murdering 3 other victims, Tookie Williams, founder of the Crips, duringa hold up, blasted a former serviceman in the back with a sawed-off shotgun andlaughed with his gang-banger buddies about the young man’s gurgling soundswhen he died, and somebody wanted to give Tookie the Nobel Prize, and for booksthat sold less than 300 copies? Then the usual publicity-craving “PovertyPimps” got on camera and warned about race riots if he was not pardoned by GovSchwarzenegger. Please!!! He was facing death by injection and finally saw theerror of his ways. So what? We should lionize him for that? How many innocents,how many law enforcement officers, have been murdered by Crips, rendering anon-commutable life sentence for their survivors? Don’t do the crime if youcan’t do the time, Baby.


I am a conservative and strongly believe that tax breaks and capitalismprovides jobs and begets more money, however the dollar has become so importantto so many, that some in corporate America will sell their soul just to grab asmany dollars possible, but what good is a large business if it does not standfor something? On the other hand, I will not join some who want to boycottWal-Mart because they say “Happy Holidays” and not “Merry Christmas.”There is good with the bad. Wal-Mart is at least smart enough to have a VeteransWall with photographs honoring veterans in each community. 95 percent of allAmericans celebrate Christmas. 95%!!!!!!!!! That is a lot bigger percentage thanactual Christians in America, so it must include many Jews, Muslims, atheists,and other groups, yet businesses like Wal-Mart are stupid enough to kowtow tothe 5% and not the majority. How many times in America can you find 95% thatagree on anything? Yet businesses bow down to the 5%. Brilliant, huh?

           But, for those of you who are Christians and who do have a job where yourcorporation says you cannot say “Merry Christmas,” before the wimpy greeting“Happy Holidays” escapes your lips, I want to remind you of one Bible verse,the words of Jesus Christ in Mark 8:38, “Whosoever therefore shall beashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation; of himshall also the Son of Man be ashamed, when He cometh in the glory of His Fatherwith the holy angels.” Before you open your mouth to a customer, askyourself if you want to follow the wishes of your spineless manager or Jesus?Your decision.

           GAY RIGHTS

           And, I am so very sorry but what you choose to do sexually does not make you aminority. It makes you an American doing what you believe in but not a minority.What you practice sexually is totally your business unless it involves children,then I will make it my business, but it does not equate to being an oppressedrace or oppressed gender.

I complained to the manager of a local convenience store about a clerk,who happened to be gay, and she immediately said, “Why, Don, are youhomophobic?”

           I replied, “No, I could care less where other guys put their lips and bodyparts as long as it is not on me. Your clerk is a rude, arrogant jerk, and Iwill only shop at places where I am treated like a customer. Are you going tostraighten him out or are you afraid of being labeled a homophobe?”

           After many complaints from others, he was eventually fired, but I already wasshopping elsewhere.


           I am sickened by the feeding frenzy attitude of the media and theirbed-partners, liberal politicians, right now trying to curry votes for the nextelection, and each one with their own selfish agenda. The Patriot Act could bemisused to violate our civil rights, but millions of guns in this country couldalso kill people everyday if responsible parents didn’t teach their kids gunsafety. The Patriot Act, unchecked, could violate our privacy, but carefullymonitored has probably helped prevent another 9-11. People have written to methat I hate liberals. That’s crazy. 2 of my 6 grown children are liberals, andI do not love them any less or more than the others. This to me is not reallyabout liberals and conservatives. I love America, and it is about America andour survival. Every waking thought of the members of al-Qaeda and fanaticalmuslim terrorists and their sympathizers in every country in the world is how todestroy us and destroy Israel. If John McCain or anybody thinks the al-Quaedawill stop sawing off the heads of hostages, because we pamper prisoners, then Ihave some prime oceanfront property to sell them in Nebraska.


           One guy wrote me saying that I am “the voice of the majority in thiscountry,” and I laughed, explaining, I am simply Don Bendell expressing my ownviews. You can do that, too. Write your local congressman, or woman, and demandthat you want the Patriot Act extended. Write your local paper and blogs andexpress, not my opinion, but your own personal opinion. Speak out when peoplesay stupid things. Don’t be part of the “silent majority.” If your localTV or radio station derides our effort in Iraq call them. Tell them, when theymention 2,000 soldiers being killed in Iraq, that according to the Source Bookof Criminal Justice Statistics, in just 2002 alone when the War in Iraq started,in just 8,500 American cities, 11,750 citizens were murdered. In Californiaalone in 2004, there were 2,394 murders. Tell them to also speak about all thedams, schools, bridges, factories, power plants, banks, hospitals, homes, andmajor democracy our troops built there. When the media and political mega-mouthsget to you, and you are ready to give up on Iraq remember this: The overallmilitary commander of the North Vietnamese, General Vo Nguyen Giap, in his 1985memoir of the Vietnam War, wrote, “…if it were not for the disunitycreated by stateside protests, Hanoi would have ultimately surrendered.”  Divideand conquer: It works.

I will do whatever needs to be done to protect my wife, my children, mygrandchildren, my neighbors, and my fellow citizens. Like it or not, we willhave to fight the jihadists either here or over there, but fight them we must.How about you? A tame grizzly might be entertaining, impressive, and beautiful,but you still never want to slap it. It has long claws, sharp teeth, and a lotof power. We must see this through to the end! We must back our troops and ourcommander in chief! We should always be America the Beautiful, but at the sametime, we must be the United States of America the Beautiful, but always carrythat big stick. Think a grizzly looks majestic? Go slap one. I dare you. Idouble dare you.

DonBendell served as an officer in four Special Forces Groups, including a tour ona green beret A-team (Dak Pek) in Vietnam in 1968-1969, and was in the TopSecret Phoenix Program, is a top-selling author of 21 books, with over 1,500,000copies of his books in print worldwide, a 1995 inductee into the InternationalKarate Hall of Fame, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado. Hispro-Bush/anti-Kerry editorials were widely published in newspapers andmagazines, and circulated by millions all over the world on the Internet. He hasbeen interviewed on FOX NEWS LIVE and on many radio shows and speaks all overthe country. His newest novel, a modern day military thriller, CRIMINALINVESTIGATION DETACHMENT, was released worldwide by Berkley (Penguin) inDecember, 2005.

Permissionis hereby granted to reprint, copy, or pass this on wherever and to whomever youchoose. This is posted on my website with other editorials:

Blessings,Don Bendell

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