In theearly-1970’s I was teaching a karate class and was sparring with a fellowblack belt who threw a blind back-kick and Crack! You could hear my nose breaklike a dry stick in a campfire. Not wanting to make him feel bad, and tryingvery hard not to act like a sissy, I ran in the bathroom, shoved toilet paper upeach nostril, returned, and continued sparring. Mere minutes later. . . Crack!Another blind kick went through my guard, and my nose broke in a different spot.I awoke with a bag of ice on my bloody face and a number of concerned facesstaring down at me on the floor. That is exactly how I feel today.

           I have kept my mouth shut through the whole Cindy Sheehan debacle, where shetrounced on the legacy of her brave, noble son to push her liberal agenda. Ihave quietly listened to the idiocy of some proudly proclaiming, “I totallysupport our troops, but not that lying George W. Bush, or the illegal war,”which to me is exactly the same as saying, “Yea Team! Score that T.D.! Boo, Coach! I hope your quarterback gets sacked, however I do so like him andthe other players and totally support them, but not you. Yea team! I cheer forthem, but I hope you lose, Coach!” That kind of reasoning is very hard,actually impossible, for me to understand.  

           We all need ice bags on our faces right now. The stupidity must stop now if weare to survive. Our media and our politicians must start putting America first,not political parties, not ratings.

           In the recently captured and translated 14-page letter from the al-Qaeda’snumber two leader, al-Zawahiri, who is Usama bin Laden’s right hand man,written to the al-Qaeda’s rising star and head of insurgent forces in Iraq al-Zarqawi;al-Zawahiri states that more than half the struggle is taking place “in thebattlefield of the media.” (To read the 14-page translation click here: Think of those words: “in the battlefield of the media half the battle isbeing fought.” Just think about how self-righteous newscasters and networkproducers are allowing themselves to be used by the enemy, on a daily basis.What is hilarious is that they see themselves as “cutting edge.” What ajoke: They are as cutting edge as a knife made out of wet spaghetti.

TheAmerican news media, as a whole, plays right into the enemy’s hands on aconsistent daily basis, while we are in immediate danger of much worse thanSeptember 11, 2001.       

The letterspeaks about continuing the fight in Iraq after the Americans are “defeatedand expelled.” That is right, the al-Qaeda expects to “defeat and expel”us from Iraq, and then extend the jihad, or holy war, to surrounding countriesand set up a caliphate in Iraq. Al-Zawahiri speaks about Iraq being thespiritual fighting grounds for this great war and talks about the centrality ofthe War in Iraq for the global jihad and making it clear this goes far beyondoil. He speaks about winning hearts and minds there, albeit temporarily untilthey are in total control, and the need to fight politically as well asmilitarily.

           There are some Monday morning quarterbacks who keep calling this a war for oil, a war based on lies, but the only lie here would be continuing to call ourselvesthe greatest nation on earth, if President Bush and our leaders were stupidenough to listen to them, or listen to the braying and naysaying of thesnorting, prancing 2008 Presidential contenders who recently started bangingtheir antlers on trees. Political ambition before nation. Self before societalsurvival. If our commander-in-chief didn’t stand firm, we would be tucking ourcollectives tails and running without realizing we are actually winning thefight. The critical thing is that we must win. Losing (the actual term forwithdrawing) is not an option. This is not at all about oil or money to the al-Qaeda.It is a total passion and life and death commitment to destroy us and destroyIsrael. It is not only biblical. The fanatical Muslim jihadists have stacks andstacks of money from oil, but are five hundred to one thousand years behind usin development of their society. They hate us! They hate the ground we walk on,and they hate most of what we stand for.  Women are mere chattel in theirsociety with no rights, so what do much of our media do? They portray them asthe victims and our military as the scoundrels. Our media does not show us allthe great successes we are having in Iraq, reported by so many soldiers there.But simple common sense should rule here. Just observing Iraq’s death-defyingelections alone should make it so obvious, or even their new living constitutionpatterned after our own incredible historic masterpiece, the U.S. Constitution.The mindset so obvious in the wording of al-Zawahiri’s letter alone shouldscare the living hell out of all of us, but it doesn’t. We don’t show 9-11anymore on TV to remind us what this is really all about. Our fragile littlepampered children might get traumatized. We are too busy trying to prove to theworld that we don’t hate all Muslims, that we are not homophobic, that wewon’t destroy the blue skies with our SUV’s belching dragon fire, thatconservatives are all greedy crooks and hate anyone who is poor, and that we canall just hold hands, think sweet thoughts, and sing the theme song from MISTERROGERS NEIGHBORHOOD and all will be right with our self-created, idealistic,TV-inspired world.

           This is all out war to them, and they want us all dead, period. Usama binLaden’s number one goal in the world, from captured documents and testimony ofal-Qaeda fighters is to “create a new Hiroshima by destroying two Americancities with nuclear bombs at the same time.” He even wants to do it indaylight hours to create more terror. Many intelligence reports state that theal-Qaeda has purchased a number of backpack nuclear bombs, nuclear mines, andartillery rounds left behind by the former USSR in Afghanistan. Some reportsstate that some are already smuggled into the US and being readied for the sneakattack. Further, that it will be in cities with large Jewish populations, suchas New York City.

           How long are we going to go overboard trying to be politically correct andappease the feelings of everyone but our frightened dedicated loyal citizens? Wenot only need to get totally behind the team, we need to ask the coach how wecan help the team win, and we need to tell the announcer to quit bending overbackwards fawning all over the visitor team. If we do not fight them, they willkill us anyway while we cower, so I don’t care if we have to fight them inIraq, Wal Mart’s parking lot, or at Beverly Hills High School stadium. We mustprevail or they will. It is as simple as that.

In WorldWar II, we stopped being democrats, independents, and republicans, and againbecame the United States of “Americans.”  We can do that again;neighbor, by simply getting our priorities in order, such as survival. The lastfour letters of American are “I can,” not “I can’t.” Four years after9-11 we have been lulled back into complacency and the insanity of trying toplease everybody with a complaint except the majority.

Speakup, write your local newspaper, call talk shows, write your congressmen, and beheard.  We don’t need to be the Moral Majority. We need to be the OralMajority. In other words, “Shout!” We can be Victims or we can be Victors.It is up to each of us, and the time is now, America. As Elvis sang, “It’snow or never.”

Don Bendell served as anofficer in four Special Forces Groups, including a tour on a green beret A-team(Dak Pek) in Vietnam in 1968-1969, and was in the Top Secret Phoenix Program, isa top-selling author of 21 books, with over 1,500,000 copies of his books inprint worldwide, a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall of Fame, andowns karate schools in southern Colorado. His pro-Bush/anti-Kerry editorialswere widely published in newspapers and magazines, and circulated by millionsall over the world on the Internet. He has been interviewed on FOX NEWS LIVE andon many radio shows and speaks all over the country. His newest novel, CRIMINALINVESTIGATION DETACHMENT, will be released worldwide by Berkley (Penguin) inDecember 2005.

Permission is hereby granted to reprint, copy, or pass this on wherever and towhomever you choose. This is posted on my website with other politicaleditorials:

Blessings, Don Bendell

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