Pictures from Iraq that are too shocking & too graphic for the mainstream media

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those

who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.


Subject: Photos that will never make the news…..

I’ve seen this happen at many mail calls and did it myself,

trying to get a scent of Wedge, my wife.

Please pass the pictures on. Sometimes in our everyday lives we tend to forget what’s going on

elsewhere in the world and that the brave men and women of the service are just like you and I.

They have family and friends back home who love them very much and are praying for their safe return.PLEASE KEEP THIS GOING EVEN IF YOU HAVE PASSED IT ON BEFORE
When you receive this, please stop for a moment and say a prayer for our troops (land, air, and sea) in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Iraq, and around the world. There is nothing attached……. This can be very powerful…… Just send this to people in your address book. Do not stop the wheel, please….
Of all the gifts you could give the US Military, Prayer is the very best one…

©Vietnamese & American Veterans of the Vietnam War, 2005 All Rights Reserved

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