by DonBendell 

           Whatever happened to statesmanship? It went the way of holding doors open forwomen, thanking customers for their business, and treating our elders with therespect and dignity they have earned. Most of the men and women in today’s USCongress act like a bunch of Crips and Bloods in Brooks Brother suits, with thenews media standing on the curb as their ho’s and gang mama’s.

           When our Commander-In-Chief tries to lead us down a roadway to victory in theGlobal War on Terrorism, those Ivy League gang-bangers sabotage his path withpolitical IED’s and snipe at him with verbal RPG’s, (Rhetorical PartisanGarbage).

           And when the subject of the UAE managing our ports came up, many Republicanlegislators, with the foresight of Mr. Magoo, jumped ship before checking to seeif the iceberg was actually made of crystal, which it is. Now during theupcoming elections, they will learn they have; once again’ shot themselves intheir collective feet with their no-testosterone level of loyalty.

           When you are on the ground commanding troops with tiny, copper-jacketed,spinning harbingers of death flying past your ears, you want tactical airsupport NOW, the minute you call for it, not in two or three hours. The UnitedArab Emirates is the country directly south of Iran and securely houses USairbases. It is very strategic, and it likes to get gold stars from us. Dubailoves making money, and is smart enough to use us, as we should also use them.Sometimes, mutual manipulation is the easiest pathway to peace, but do ourmodern day congressmen and women actually think politically and actstrategically? The partisan attacks on President Bush at every opportunity haveshown they do not. Career before country is the standard.

           At least GWB recognizes that there is some wise philosophy in some fictionalworks and one from the most unlikely of sources, Mario Puzo’s famous quoteattributed to Don Corleone in THE GODFATHER, “Hold your friends close, butyour enemies even closer.” 

           Dubai strongly supports boycotting Israel, and yes, their leaders wear largescarves wrapped around their heads, and I am sure you will find some guys in theal-Qaeda who were born and raised in the UAE. However, the Administration didnot invite them to provide for our national security or join the Secret Service.They are to manage ports, which they do quite well,  while the Coast Guardand Department of Homeland Security still provides all the security, includingkeeping a close eye on those running the ports.

           Although he has the most racially-diverse and gender-diverse Administration inUS history, Bush-bashers especially want to shout about racial-profiling, butwhen it comes to President Bush offering an olive branch to a muslim ally, allof a sudden, they whistle a different tune and act about as intelligently andefficiently as those brain trusts who operate President Bush’s publicrelations team. 

Eagles do not swoop down and grab coyotes; They grab rabbits. Countriesact no differently. America wants those in power to never cower; to be leadersnot pleaders; and winners not whiners.  We cannot win if we act like theDivided States of America. With our brave fighting men and women in harm’sway, Thank God our man in the White House does know how to be The Man. Maybe itis the vigorous workouts, but his testosterone levels seem to be just fine. 

Don Bendell’s newest novel,a modern day military thriller, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DETACHMENT, was releasedworldwide by Berkley (Penguin) in January, 2006 and has been getting nothing but5-star reviews. Don served as an officer in 4 Special Forces Groups, including atour on a Green Beret A-team (Dak Pek) in Vietnam in 1968-1969, and was in theTop Secret Phoenix Program, is a top-selling author of 21 books, with over1,500,000 copies of his books in print worldwide, a 7th degree black belt masterin 4 martial arts, he is a 1995 inductee into the International Karate Hall ofFame, and owns karate schools in southern Colorado. Don’s pro-Bush/anti-Kerryeditorials were widely published in newspapers and magazines, and circulated bymillions all over the world on the Internet. He has been interviewed on FOX NEWSLIVE and on many radio shows and speaks all over the country.

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