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Points of View posted on this page come from various sources. They are thought-provoking and worthy of your time and attention, whether you agree or not

The Viet Nam War through Red Lenses – By Phillip Jennings

The Asian-American dream and the Republican Party – By Michelle Mai Selesky

Veterans Day 2011 – By Hoi Tran

Battle On Shangganling Mountain – By John Hayward

Why Vietnam Truth Matters – By Phillip Jennings

Oh, Come On, Were The Commies Really That Bad? – By Phillip Jennings

Religious Freedom Lost on Vietnam – By Michael Benge

America Must Drill For Oil At Home – by John E. Carey

Consequences of Speedy Withdrawal From Iraq? – by John E. Carey

Television Power and The Vietnam War – by Erin McLaughlin

Time for Vietnamese to Be Heard on VN War – by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh

China and Vietnam: U.S. Priorities – by John E. Carey

Lessons From Burma for Viet Nam – by Sidney Tran

White Flag over Congress? – by Michael Benge

A Bright Shining Lie: John Paul Vann and America in Vietnam. – by Peter Brimelow

The View From the Deck Plate: “Support Our Troops” – by Jeff Edwards


Is there a doctor in the house? – by Bruce N. Kesler

The View From the Deck Plate: Reality Check – by Jeff Edwards

China, Vietnam and Russia: Torrid Economies, Rampant Lawlessness – by John E. Carey

China: Reversing 1,000 Year Corruption Legacy – By John E. Carey

Dog Rights in America versus Human Rights in Vietnam – by Hoi B. Tran

“Pet Prowess” in America; Michael Vick To Coach at University of Beijing – By John E. Carey

Presidential Myopia: Leaders in Vietnam and China Only See What They Want To See – By John E. Carey

A Fair media is Casualty of War by Gordon Dillow – by Gordon Dillow

Questions about America – by Don Bendell

Proud to be an American – by John E. Carey

Hanoi Plays America for a Sucker – by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh

Big Lie Lives in Vietnam – by Mike Benge

Go get a life: or My Butterfly’s dream – by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh

How Governments Punish Their Detractors  – by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh

Requiescat In Pace – by Pham Hau

Thank You Fort Hood – by Nhat Tuan

Mark Moyar, Historian of Vietnam, Finds Academe Hostile To a Hawk – by Gary Shapiro

The Quality of Justice – by Sidney Tran

Comment from a twenty-year old Vietnamese abroad – by Ngoc Lan

Military Withdrawals Are the Worst Foreign Policy – by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh

NYT’s Focus on Less Than 1% Serving in Military – by Bruce Kesler

Political Correctness Equals Doom!!!by David A. Bond, Col, USAF (Ret)

The U.S. Air Force: Use It In Iraq – And Keep It Readyby Gerald J. Hickman, Col, USAF (Ret)

The Chaplain’s Corner…by Chaplain John L. Kallerson

Don Bendell Spanks Paul Whitefield for his Op-Ed

Hi Thai Anh

A Trip Back in Time – by Nguyen Khoa Thai Anh

Is The War Against Terror Really a War For Democracy ? – by John E. Carey

War Against Terror is Personal – by John E. Carey

To Kill an American

9/11, For Our Children – by Bruce Kesler

Remember, Just Five Year Ago. . . 9/11 – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt (Ret.)

First Vietnamese-American to Serve as a Military Advisor to the New Iraqi Army– by Tommy Nero

Vietnam, Long Tan and all that – by Key Gillett

Give No Quarter: Ask No Quarter – by Don Bendell

Stories from Iraq – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt (Ret.)

Where Is The Spirit of Citizenship ? – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt (Ret.)

Who is responsible for deaths of innocent ? – by Bruce Kesler

Why do we ignore the Vietnamese people’s plight ? – by Bruce Kesler

Vietnam, Iraq, Israel: Moral Bearings – by Bruce Kesler

Notes on Freedom of Speech– by Prem Panicker

‘Mama’ Ready To Deploy Like Her Children – by Sgt. Eliamar Trapp

United Nations

. . . At the Crossroads – by John E. Carey

Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum – by Sidney Tran

Keeping Resolve in Iraq: The Real Lesson From Vietnam  – by John E. Carey

Commanding General, MCI West speech to the MAAC

Letter From a Naval Aviator

Life is Not for the Faint Hearted. It Takes Courage and It Takes Bravery – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt ( Ret.)

Darrell Scott’s Testimony: House Judiciary Committee’s subcommittee

Risks and Opportunities of a Rising China – by Larry M. Wortzel, Ph.D.

How The USA Patriot Act Defends Democracy– by Viet D. Dinh

General Hayden, Invest in the Arms Trade– by Dr. J. Peter Pham

Hitchens, Haditha, and My Lai– by Paul McNellis

Open letter to Pres. George W. Bush from Human Rights and Fair Trade Advocates

A Reflection on Memorial Day– by Sidney R. Tran

Memorial Day Message – by Hoi B.Tran

Vietnamese Communism: A Blight Upon Humanity – by Sidney R. Tran

Duty to Remember – by Lt.Col. Nguyen Gia Tien, MD.

The Rise of China Will Not Be Peaceful at All – by John Mearsheimer

Call of Conscience. It’s Urgent !!!

A Review of the “Journey from The Fall– by Sidney R. Tran

The Border Dilemma – by Don Bendell

The Legal Debate is Over: Terrorism is a War Crime – by Michael Lind

Reprint with permission of Michael Lind, Whitehead Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation

Protecting Our Heroes – by Don Bendell

Think about this:

America is Supposed To Be About Heroes – by Don Bendell

Thought each of you might be interested in this article …by Rush Limbaugh

Guest Opinion: The Testosterone Vacuum – by Don Bendell

No, Freedom is not Free

Pictures of Iraq nobody ever sees

Guest Opinion: The Majority Rules… Not – by Don Bendell

Guest Opinion: This Ain’t About Oil: It’s About Our Survival – by Don Bendell

War Stories – Remember When?  – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt

What are we fighting for ? –  by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt

Take Care of the Kids – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt

Where were you on September 11th ?  – by Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt

We Must Go After Them and Eliminate Them – by James Webb

Pray for our Soldiers . . .

Before You Go – by John Melnick & Sam Bierstock

America Needs to Wake Up – usawakeup.org

Irony Of War – by Major H. Luu

Peril in Iraq:  A Vietnam parallel – by Stuart A. Herrington, Col. US Army (Ret)

Tribute To The Fallen – by Major H.Luu

Freedom and Moral Responsibility – by Hoi B. Tran

Iraq Deployment Experience – by Major H.Luu

Letter from Iraqby Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert, US Marine Corps  – USS SAIPAN, PERSIAN GULF

Nice tribute to our fighting men and women

Incredible Analogy – by Hoi B. Tran

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