Vietnam Vets Should be Proud of Record

by: – T.L.Foster, A VietnamVet and Extremely Proud of It, 618 W. Westwood, Peoria, Illinois.

I guess the release of thehostages in Iranhas triggered an impulse in me and other Vietnam veterans to air the truthabout all of the misconceptions that abound about the long, bloody Vietnam Warand its veterans. Here are the six misconceptions that I have

been continually asked aboutsince I was carried out of that area on a stretcher in May 1968:

1) That the Vietnam War wassomething less than a real war – baloney – why then were there moretotal combat casualties for the Marine Corps in Vietnam than WWII?And why did the Vietnam War produce thethird largest number of casualties for the U.S. Army in its 205 year history? If Americans are so hungry for heroes,there are 236 Medal of Honor winners from the war of whom over 60% gave theirlives to earn that precious piece of metal!

2 ) That the Vietnam veteranshad to be dragged into military service – baloney – two-thirds ofthe men and women who served in Vietnam were volunteers, while two-thirds ofthe men and women who served in WWII were drafted!

3 ) That many VietnamVeterans had drug problems relating directly to the war – baloney- harddrugs never emerged on any scale at all until the very end of the war. By thattime 95% of the veterans had already served! I find it incredibly ironic thatmarijuana use became a dangerous act when soldiers indulged in their leisuretime, yet the males and females of their peer group who stayed behind incollege could and often did blow their minds 24/7 on mescaline, LSD and otherdangerous drugs with absolutely no stigma once they graduated!

4 ) That our Vietnam troopswere not as efficient as previous American combat troops – baloney again– we were the youngest, best educated, best equipped, and most decoratedtroops that Americahas ever seen!

5 ) That the American troopswere defeated in Vietnam– Hogwash -We never lost a majorbattle during our entire involvement !We were ordered over there by orders of the Congress of the USA whichsupposedly represents the people, and we were ordered home

by the Congress.We were most definitely NOT in any waydefeated by the communists!

6 ) That the Vietnam veteranwas truly a war-monger – baloney too – any person who iswilling to lay his life on the line sothat someone else can have freedom (the Vietnamese people) from a bloody,atheistic communist oppression certainly isn’t a war-monger! How that gotturned around I’ll never know, but someone during this controversial warwas certainly working hard at twisting the truth. Any idea just who that might have beenNews Media??

The above article was printed in the “Peoria JournalStar” newspaper in Peoria, Illinois on February 21, 1981 and in the March1981 issue of the “IllinoisVFWNews”..

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