Wounded U.S. Army CaptainGoes to War Zone in Afghanistan

Why would an already wounded soldierreturn to the War Zone? Captain James Van Thach, aVietnamese American law graduate of Touro Law Center,retired from the United States Army in March 2009, decided it was time toreturn to a war zone on Operation Proper Exit, a program sponsored by theTroops First Foundation.

New York City (PRWEB) March 18, 2013

Why would analready wounded soldier return to the War Zone? Captain James Van Thach, retired from the United States Army in March 2009,decided it was time to return to a war zone on Operation Proper Exit, a programsponsored by the Troops First Foundation.

Captain Thach a Vietnamese American law graduate of TouroCenter volunteered to serve in the Infantry andwas wounded twice in , once by an Improvised Explosive Device(IED); second time by a Katyusha rocket and wasawarded the Purple Heart for his wounds.

Since medicallyretiring from the United States Army, he has undergone physical and mentalmedical treatments for the numerous injuries that he sustained: Traumatic BrainInjury, migraine headaches, photophobia, diplopia,blurred vision, sciatic nerve damage to left leg, injury to his neck, back andspine and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“When I returnedfrom the Iraq War to the United States and received treatment, my health hasgone up and down several times which has lead me to be admitted into thehospital several times,” said Captain Thach.

“After three longyears my health finally stabilized. After watching a CBS 60 Minutes story aboutTroops First Foundation that was providing a trip called Operation Proper Exitfor wounded Veterans returning to , I felt that this was for me to receivefinal closure,” said Captain Thach.

In December 2011,the United States military’s combat role in ended and Captain Thachwas not able to return there. His doctor agreed that it would benefit him to goon Operation Proper Exit and help to heal his mental scars, anxiety attacks,depression, hyper vigilance and nightmares which stilllinger on after more than 3 years. As long as he took his daily dosage of 20pills and was injected with his bi-weekly injection before he left, going tothe war zone in Afghanistan would be tremendously advantageous forhim.

“Once my doctorgave me clearance, I contacted Rick , theco-founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Troops First Foundationthat sponsors Operation Proper Exit. I provided him documentation of mymilitary service in the war zone and medical records of my injuries. Rickthanked me for my military service in and said he would notify me when the nextplanned trip to Afghanistan would be in 2013. Rick contacted me two weeks later to notify me that I wouldbe scheduled to leave in 2 weeks.” said Captain Thach.

Troops FirstFoundation’s program Operation Proper Exit‘s itinerary stages a meet-and-greettour to numerous forward operating bases throughout Afghanistan with a group ofwounded warriors. They speak to hundreds of military men and women about theircombat experiences and healing from their traumatic combat injuries.

The woundedwarriors are also briefed by General Officers and Command Sergeants Major atvarious commands throughout Afghanistan about the progress and challenges thatthe U.S., NATO and Afghanistan Security Forces face in their current situationon the ground and in the near future.

AdditionallyCaptain Thach said, “Operation Proper Exit has helpedme tremendously going into the war zone in Afghanistan with 8 other Veterans that have beenwounded. We formed a brotherhood and interacted with troops throughout Afghanistan, shared our stories of our wounds and howwe persevered and moved on with our lives despite our injuries.”

In conclusion,Captain Thach stated, “Our injuries don’t define us.We control our own destinies and set the example on how to live our livespositively and be inspirational to our fellow Americans as well as an asset toour country.”

Captain Thach, your bravery to return to a dangerous war zone in Afghanistan despite your debilitating injuries speaksvolumes about your character. You are a shining light of what makes our countrygreat, we are forever in your debt for your sacrifice.

Courtesy: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/3/prweb10539960.htm

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