Wounded Vietnamese-American SoldierReceives Segway

Recently in San Antonio, Texasin front of the Alamo on November 9, 2011, Tommy Nero Sullivanof V.I.P. Promotions met Vietnamese-American United States Army Captain JamesVan Thach, who was among thirty-seven severely wounded warriors that werepresented Segway personal transporters by Segs4Vets.

New York City, New York (PRWEB) December 05, 2011

“As the holidays approach here in the United States, let us reflect fora moment how fortunate we are to live with freedoms in a country that isprotected by our brave military men and women,” says Tommy Nero Sullivanof V.I.P. Promotions. “Since the United States’ War onTerrorism, many of our military men and women sacrificed to protect our nation and many more return home to us with severewounds. We must ensure that we provide the best level of care and opportunitiesfor our wounded warriors so that they can live a life without feelingdiscouraged by their disabilities.”

Recently in San Antonio, Texas in front of the Alamo on November 9, 2011, Tommy Nero Sullivan of V.I.P. Promotions metVietnamese-American United States Army Captain James Van Thach, who was amongthirty-seven severely wounded warriors that were presented Segway personaltransporters by Segs4Vets.

Segs4Vets, created in late 2005, is run by volunteers as part of theDisability Rights Advocates for Technology (DRAFT), and represents people withdisabilities who refuse to be defined by their disabilities. Their passionateenthusiasm for participation in life’s activities is supported by thisand other emerging technologies.

Captain Thach, an Infantry Officer, was severely wounded twice in Iraq, once byan improvised explosive device (IED) and second by a Katyusha rocket that wasfired into base. He and the Iraqi soldiers werestanding only 20 meters away from where the rocket hit and were sent sprawlingonto the ground.

“I feel lucky to be alive and return home to the great people of America. It isinspiring and I am grateful that Segs4Vets provided me with a Segway to improvemy lifestyle despite the injuries that have wrecked havoc on my body from thewar in Iraq”,said Captain Thach.

“When I was younger I heard stories from my mother’s relativesthat served in the military for South Vietnam. They and their comrades enduredmany fierce battles fighting to protect South Vietnam against Communism.Reluctantly, due to politics beyond their control, their nation was taken overby Communist North Vietnam.”

“When they returned home there were no organizations like Segs4Vetshelping former members, let alone wounded veterans of the South Vietnamesemilitary. The only thing waiting for them was re-education camps designed tobreak their spirit of freedom, hard labor and to force them to be indoctrinatedto Communist ideology or they would be summarily executed fornon-conformity.”

In conclusion, Captain Thach stated, “We veterans that are returninghome from war are fortunate to have a country to return to and a fineorganization such as Segs4Vets that is dedicated to helping wounded warriorslive fulfilling lives in the greatest country that is called America.”

More than 60,000 wounded warriors have been medically evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistansince the beginning of the War on Terrorism. Improvements in combat medicineand better equipment are saving more lives and many warriors are survivingcatastrophic disabilities that challenge conventional treatment protocols. TheSegway is not covered by military insurance but is a prime example of how newtechnology can dramatically improve the quality of life of a disabled person.

Courtesy: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/12/prweb9011866.htm

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